Ayouni is a global, systems-thinking,
social impact
design studio.

We work with NGOs, nonprofits, and social impact organizations on strategic visual communication, creative campaigns, and visual identity design.

Illustration of two artists standing in front of a globe with pens, "co-creating" the world.

We are creative thinkers and doers committed to positive social change.

What does it mean to be a systems-thinking design studio?

Our rigorous creative process examines the greater systems at play, the barriers of communication causing and perpetuating misunderstanding or lack of awareness, and theory based creative strategy that delivers on impact. Systems-thinking is about seeing the forest and the trees. 

I’m a visual communicator with over 8 years of experience in editorial media production, social research, broadcast journalism, and nonprofit marketing. As a Muslim and Egyptian immigrant raised in the United States, inequality and injustice is no stranger to me. From a young age, I’ve been exploring creative ways of making sense of the world, as well as making it a kinder place for all. Today I’m a systems-thinking and research minded creative and occupy a unique position between the media arts and the social sector that has allowed me to advance a number of social causes. I weave together a broad creative skillset, an analytical mind, and a deep belief in the power of visual design to build bridges of understanding, compassion, and empathy for social impact. I founded Ayouni, named after an Arabic expression of love and service, as a means to broaden my own and our collective capacity to connect, collaborate, and create for impact.

EAT // THOUGHT FOR FOOD // THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION // FORUM FOR The future // meridian institute  // SECOND MUSE // Intention 2 impact

Let's co-create for impact.