We believe creative collaboration is the future of social impact work.

We are on a mission to eliminate barriers of awareness and understanding preventing social and environmental movements from achieving their fullest potential using strategic visual communication and creative capacity development for social impact organizations. Using systems thinking and cocreation methods, we carefully consider the ecosystems we enter when addressing a communication problem, and approach what we do with awareness and critical thinking to ensure that our impact aligns with our best intentions.


Hagar Elsayed (she/her)


Hagar is an Egyptian-born, U.S. based visual communicator with over a decade of experience in editorial media production, social research, journalism, and nonprofit marketing. She strings together a broad creative skillset, an analytical mind, and a deep desire to do good. Her unique position between the media arts and the social sector has allowed her to advance a number of social causes through strategic visual communication.


Hagar founded Ayouni in 2021 after working as both an independent designer and agency professional. In her time as a designer and strategist, she has partnered with a number of international NGOs and U.S. nonprofit organizations including Rockefeller Foundation, Thought for Food, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Refugee Solidarity Network, Global Justice Center, Human Rights First, and more on creative communication projects. 


Prior to her independent career, she worked at CNN in international research and media management. She has also held positions at Coursera, Brave New Films, and Emory University. She is an Emory University alum with a degree in Film & Media Studies and Sociology. She graduated Summa Cum Laude after defending her honors thesis on the news media’s role in mass incarceration in the US.


Hagar is fascinated by communication and social systems, and devotes both her career and intellectual curiosity to exploring this intersection. She is an avid world traveler, amateur chef, and a lover of the outdoors, music, dance, art, and literature.

Christie Lee (she/her)

Website developer & Social media strategist

Christie understands the digital world’s immense power to help organizations better connect with their target audience. As a result, she pursued a career in social media and digital storytelling. Her decade-long experience spans working on corporate marketing teams and as an independent consultant. Christie specializes in building social media and digital content marketing strategies for B2B and B2C brands across different industries from technology and startups, to nonprofits.


Christie also has over 5 years of experience in building WordPress websites. She specializes in creating high-quality, user-friendly, and responsive websites with any custom requirements. 


She is passionate about helping dreamers and changemakers increase brand awareness and reach, and improving website traffic and SEO rankings through the magic of social media. She masters the art of building a digital relationship between you and your target audience. Christie is currently based out of Atlanta, GA.

Marin Vesely (she/her)

Multimedia designer

Marin Vesely is an artist and visual designer from Los Angeles, CA. Marin specializes in crafting emergent frameworks for storytelling, leveraging her expertise in visual communication strategies that weave together multimedia content creation, brand design, and user experience to foster engagement and drive meaningful impact.


Inspired by elements of the natural world and the guiding principles of partner organizations, Marin takes a modern and accessible approach to design. She has 5 years of experience creating brand identities and design-driven campaigns from ideation to implementation and 7 years of web design & front-end development experience. Recent collaborations include The Office of Indian Education, Sharp Healthcare, The Climate Journal Project, Amigos de los Rios and Caveat LLC.


Marin is a passionate advocate for human and environmental justice. She utilizes design as a powerful tool to amplify frontline voices and convey crucial messages. Marin has organized and worked on creative visual projects and campaigns for various Los Angeles community groups, including Sunrise Movement, Nature for All, The Climate Journal Project, and Food & Water Watch.


Marin earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018, providing a strong foundation for her graphic design career. This educational background allows her to work intuitively with color, shape, and form, translating concepts into a visually compelling language.

Chris Izaguirre (he/him)

EnvironmentAL designer

Chris is a New York City-based designer who enjoys creating and contributing to developing integrated systems through print, illustration, web design, and motion. He is motivated by the possibilities of utilizing his work to activate people around meaningful causes, uplifting communities, and driving change through the power of visual communication. Chris specializes in the design of physical environments and displays, bringing life and interactivity to the real-world. 


He graduated from the University of Houston in May 2020 with a major in Graphic Design.Beyond design, Chris finds joy in exploring the outdoors, delving into history, and finding inspiration from art, films, and music.

Delaram Ghaeini (she/her)

Artist & Illustrator

Delaram is an Iranian-born, Netherland-based, illustrator and graphic designer with a background in visual arts including painting, 3D design, sculpting, and digital illustration.


Delaram brings her artistic talents to Ayouni’s team through creative and conceptual illustration and design support.


Delaram is currently enrolled at Haarlem Campus in the Netherlands where she is studying Creative Media in Business, and has previously studied Handycrafts at Shiraz University in Iran. She is interested in supporting causes related to refugee/immigrant rights as well as sustainability and climate justice. Outside of creating art, Delaram loves a good fantasy story whether in books, movies, or comics. 

Larissa Fleury (she/her)

Editorial Designer & Illustrator

Larissa is an editorial designer and artist based in Brazil. After completing a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urbanism, Larissa found herself gravitating towards design as a practice. She has since independently studied editorial design, drawing, painting and digital illustration.


Larissa enjoys crafting custom and creative layout designs, and incorporating custom art and illustration. She brings an eye for clean and creative design and great attention to detail to the Ayouni team.


Larissa is currently studying and working remotely while traveling around Brazil, immersing herself in nature and local culture. She is a curious explorer interested in supporting causes related to social justice, women’s issues and environmental rights.

Aesha Goodwin (she/her)

VIDEO & motion design Specialist

The common thread in Aesha’s life from childhood into adulthood has been her love for storytelling. As a Video and Motion Design Specialist, she takes that same passion for storytelling and uses it to help brands identify and develop their own stories, translating them into video and animation. These videos are created to enhance each organization’s image as well as effectively communicate the core message to their audience in an engaging and enlightening way. Using her seven years of video production experience in industries from sports entertainment to social justice and impact, Aesha has defined a strategic process for video creation that takes into account the particular needs of each brand and their audience. She believes that when it comes to the world of video, each piece has it’s own unique thumbprint and requires a custom job to get the desired results.


Aesha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Video Production from Western Carolina University, has held positions at the Carolina Panthers, NASCAR, and CBS, and has supported a number of social impact organizations including Blavity, ParentsTogether Foundation, Do Big Things,  and Accelerate Change Network. Aesha is currently based in North Carolina where she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and pup.

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