We believe creative collaboration across borders is the future of social impact work.

We are on a mission to 1) eliminate barriers of awareness and understanding preventing social and environmental movements from achieving their fullest potential, and 2) create more equitable and meaningful career pathways for creatives around the world. In order to do that, we believe in examining communication problems from a systems perspective, and empowering communities involved through the entirety of the creative process.

Systems approach

Systems-thinking is the foundation of our approach to visual communication and creative production. We understand that preventable miscommunication happens all the time and can hinder or hurt a cause or movement. For that reason, before any project we carefully consider the ecosystem we are entering, the assumptions we are making in solving a communication problem, and any potential unintended consequence.

Community Empowerment

Our broad perspective is coupled with a commitment to community empowerment at every stage of our process. What that means is challenging the systems that aim to help communities but actually disempower them, involving community leaders and experts at the discovery stages, and bringing in local talent into the creative process for even more informed practice and global professional equity.


Hagar Elsayed (she/her)


Hagar is an Egyptian-born, U.S. based visual communicator with over 8 years of experience in editorial media production, social research, journalism, and nonprofit marketing. She brings together a broad creative skillset, an analytical mind, and a deep desire to do good. Her unique position between the media arts and the social sector has allowed her to advance a number of social causes including in the areas of refugee/immigrant rights, climate justice, food systems, gender/sexuality, and war/conflict through strategic visual communication.



Hagar founded Ayouni Studio in 2021 after working as both an independent designer and agency professional. In her time as a designer and strategist, she has partnered with a number of international NGOs and U.S. nonprofit organizations including Rockefeller Foundation, Thought for Food, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Refugee Solidarity Network, Global Justice Center, Human Rights First, and more on creative communication projects. 



Prior to her independent career, she worked at CNN in international research and media management. She has also held positions at Coursera, Brave New Films, and Emory University. She is an Emory University alum with a degree in Film & Media Studies and Sociology. She graduated Summa Cum Laude after defending her honors thesis on the news media’s role in mass incarceration in the US.


Hagar is fascinated by communication and social systems, and devotes both her career and intellectual curiosity to exploring this intersection. She is an avid world traveler, amateur chef, and a lover of the outdoors, music, dance, and literature.

Simon Brombach (he/him)

junior designer & Data Visualizer

Simon is a German born and based graphic designer and community organizer with a background in social research, nonprofit management, and digital media creation. 


As the co-founder and project manager of Plan Impact, a nonprofit organization supporting cross-cultural youth development initiatives in collaboration with various NGOs, Simon works diligently to support social movements through creative communication and community building. 


Simon has self-developed a broad creative skillset with a particular interest in editorial design, data visualization, and web design. He brings passionate and informed creativity to the Ayouni Studio team. 



Simon enjoys exploring questions about the world we live in and constantly challenging himself as a life-long learner. He is a word traveler, hobby musician, and extreme sports enthusiast. He strives to create and do work that helps to make the world a more equal place.

Delaram Ghaeini (she/her)

illustrator & junior designer

Delaram is an Iranian-born, Turkey based, illustrator and graphic designer with a background in visual arts including painting, 3D design, sculpting, and digital illustration.

Delaram brings her artistic talents to Ayouni Studio’s team through creative and conceptual illustration and design support.

She is interested in supporting causes related to refugee/immigrant rights as well as sustainability and climate justice. Outside of creating art, Delaram loves a good fantasy story whether in books, movies, or comics. 

We lean on our growing network of independent artists, designers, researchers, writers, and technologists to form the dream team tailored to each project.

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