Global Justice Center 2021 Annual Report & Social Graphics


Global Justice Center

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Gender Equality, Sexual & Reproductive Rights


Creative Strategy, Editorial Design, Graphic Design

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The Global Justice Center (GJC) is an international human rights organization made up of lawyers and advocates advancing gender equality and human rights everywhere. GJC works towards building a global rule of law grounded on enforceable law guarantees using feminist and progressive interpretation and application of international law. They fight for sexual and reproductive rights, protection against gender based violence, and feminist advocacy within multilateral institutions. Their method for change involves innovative legal analysis, strategic advocacy, and collaborative partnerships with peer and grassroots organizations. 


GJC approached Ayouni to help with the design of their 2021 annual report and supporting social graphics. The goal of the report was to highlight their three main areas of advocacy for 2021. At the center of GJC’s advocacy for 2021 was the fight for human rights in Myanmar following the February 2021 coup. At home, they fought to protect abortion access and push for progressive sexual and reproductive laws within the newly elected Biden administration. On the multilateral level, they advocated for abortion access in conflict zones with the European Council and the UN Security Council.


This report was coming at a critical time for the organization. During 2021, the GJC developed and released their new strategic framework with a renewed mission, vision, and theory of change that will guide the organization for the next five years. The new strategic framework leans on bolder and more creative feminism. As the first report to come out following the new strategic framework, the report needed to reflect these refined values and positioning.


Additionally, with the prolongation of the COVID-19 pandemic through 2021, most of GJC’s work this year has been conducted virtually. GJC needed a designer that could bring the report to life with limited visual documentation.


For this report, our goal was to remain true to GJC’s current brand identity via colors and typography to remain consistent with their prior publications and brand as a whole but also to push the boundaries of the GJC’s brand identity enough to lean into their new positioning. “Creative feminism”, “intersectionality”, and “power over pity” were some of the guiding principles for the style of the report and supporting graphics. 


What resulted was a colorful and boldly designed visual report introducing the organization within the lens of the new strategic framework and current visual identity, while introducing secondary colors to help the three sections of their areas of impact stand out. 


The report is designed as a series of “spreads” that allows each section to have a voice of its own while remaining a cohesive whole. 


The cover was designed using the GJC’s brand colors, incorporating photos that lean into power over pity. The halftone style was selected as a nod to the theory behind the GJC’s logo – the gender gap in governing bodies worldwide despite women making up 51% of the global population. Halftone is a style of simulating an image with only part of its tones. 


The project resulted in a 21 page report with unique and interesting spreads each tailoring to the information and tone of the content on that page. Additionally, Ayouni designed a total of 12 social graphics the GJC could use to promote the report across platforms. 

“Hagar was an absolute pleasure to work with. Specifically, her creativity made our project a breeze. As a small organization lacking a lot of creative experience on staff, having someone like Hagar handle the creative direction of our annual report was a relief. And when we received our final product, we knew we made the right choice to work with her.”

Thomas Dressler – Communication Manager

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