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New brand Identity for Atlanta Counseling Center


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Crossroads Mental Wellness Services (CMWS) is a private counseling practice that works to help individuals create a lived experience that honors them as whole beings – their intersecting identities, their health and wellness, the roles they value fulfilling in their life, and their spiritual walk. 


CMWS dreamed of a brand identity that was more reflective of who they, and resonated with their target audience of immigrant and women of color with room for scaling.


Dr. Endale described the previous branding and website for Crossroads as “generic”. The rebrand needed to unlock a more genuine and personal visual identity that is reflective of Crossroads’ values and connects on a more personal level with the target audience.


After a discovery process that involved interviewing Dr. Endale, an analysis of competitors and the market, defining the target audience, and auditing the current brand – Ayouni determined that what distinguished CMWS from competitors is Dr. Endale’s multicultural and identity informed approach to counseling and mental health education. We identified CMWS’s ideal client to be immigrant and first-generation individuals (mainly women) who come from communities that have historically disregarded or have lacked education/access to therapy.


CMWS’s name is inspired by the cyclical nature of life and the crossroads we repeatedly face on our journeys. CMWS seeks to empower individuals of intersectional identities to navigate challenges and critical times of change through the embodiment of one’s authentic self and connection to one’s inner compass. It was important to Dr. Endale that the brand also excude a sense of calmness and serenity to the audience.

The logo for CMWS is inspired by the veins of a leaf, that establish a nature theme for the brand identify, and also resemble the shape of intersecting roads.

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