I’m Hagar, a compassionate creative and the founder of Ayouni.

Creative Direction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Motion & Video | Copywriting

Selected Work

The Food Systems Game Changers Lab, a 12 week innovation program by EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, The Rockefeller Foundation, Forum for the Future, Meridian Institute, SecondMuse and Intention 2 Impact wrapped up with this 200+ page report in preparation for the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit.

“What’s in my legal backpack?” is a digitally illustrated informational booklet for unaccompanied teen refugees in Turkey. From concept, to illustration, to layout – I designed this booklet for Refugee Solidarity Network to provide a tailored resource to this specific and vulnerable group of refugees.

“Hagar demonstrated great attention to detail and dedication to producing a creative, engaging publication that was tailored to meet the specific needs of our audience of young, unaccompanied protection seekers. We look forward to our next opportunity to engage Hagar on upcoming projects.”

Kevin Cole – Senior Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning Manager, Refugee Solidarity Network

I worked with the Global Justice Center on the design of their 2022 annual report and supporting social graphics highlighting their year of impact despite global setbacks.

Hagar was an absolute pleasure to work with. Specifically, her creativity made our project a breeze. As a small organization lacking a lot of creative experience on staff, having someone like Hagar handle the creative direction of our annual report was a relief. And when we received our final product, we knew we made the right choice to work with her.”

Thomas Dressler – Communication Manager, Global Justice Center

As the creative strategist and design lead for the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s report on impact investing, I created the report’s visual style, orchestrated the development of all graphics and illustrations (contributing my own illustrations as well), designed the data visualizations, and designed the UX for the digital report.

It was a pleasure working with the William Way Community Center on the visual identity of their “Build the Way” capital campaign to raise funds for a newly renovated center. 

Chroma Collaborative, a boutique social impact communications firm received a fresh visual identity designed to be bold and assertive, yet approachable and joyful, and creative and cultured, yet analytical and professional.

I’m Hagar, a visual communicator with over 8 years of experience in editorial media production, social research, broadcast journalism, and nonprofit marketing. As an Egyptian immigrant raised in the United States, my worldview has been shaped by the reality of global inequity and injustice. From a young age, I’ve leaned into creativity as a way to make sense of the world and spread kindness. As a systems-thinking and research-minded creative, I hold a unique position between the media arts and the social sector that has allowed me to advance a number of social causes. I bring a broad creative skillset, an analytical mind, and a compassionate heart to creative projects that intend to bring more good into the world. I believe in the power of creative communication to foster understanding and empathy. 

I’ve been a creative collaborator on projects with the Rockefeller Foundation, Thought for Food, IDEO, SecondMuse, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Refugee Solidarity Network, Global Justice Center, Human Rights First, Results 4 America, and more. I previously worked at CNN in international research and media management and have held positions at Coursera, Brave New Films, and Emory University. I’m an Emory University alum with a degree in Sociology and Film & Media Studies. I graduated Summa Cum Laude after defending my senior honors thesis on the media’s role in mass incarceration in the U.S. 


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