Intention 2 Impact Brand Refresh

Refining the i2i brand design system and packaging it in a brand guidelines doc


Intention 2 Impact

Issue area:

Social Impact


Brand Identity Design, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Editorial Design


Intention 2 Impact (I2I) is a social impact consulting firm that uses research, evaluation, and strategy to help purpose-driven organizations measure + maximize their impact. They came to Ayouni with a few years under their belt running their business with a visual brand that they felt they were beginning to outgrow. As they prepared for their next phase of growth, they partnered with Ayouni to refine I2I’s branding to feel more mature and clean, while still maintaining their vibrant energy. 


Intention 2 Impact needed a brand design system that was sophisticated yet true to who they are, and versatile yet simple enough to apply to all kinds of materials and collateral. They did not have clear guidelines to maintain their visual identity, often using too many fonts, and graphics that felt cluttered or dry. 


With this brand refresh for I2I, it was important that the new design system still borrowed enough from their earlier branding to not disrupt their business and communications, but that it still found opportunities to take I2I’s visual identity to the next level. As you can read more about below, the ladies behind I2I are multifaceted and thrive at the intersection of many things. This brand needed to reflect the nuance that they embody. 


After interviews with the founders of Intention 2 Impact and audits of all of their communication channels and material, Ayouni produced a report of their current branding identifying observations and related insights and opportunities that informed the creative decisions of the brand refresh.


I2I thrives at many intersections; playing with dualities and exploring nuance. They are feminine and tough, intelligent and humble, intentional and spontaneous. The multifaceted nature of the brand is a strength that is embraced.

The visual identity of the I2I brand is a reflection of this theme of intersections. The shapes are creative and analytical. The colors are professional and playful. The typography is approachable and confident.


As a business that works very closely with causes and movements presently shaping the real world, imagery and language is used within the framework of the brand identity to add impact and express I2I’s commitment to social impact.

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