Food Systems Game Changers Lab Report

A Compendium of 24 action agendas developed by game changers to transform global food systems


EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, The Rockefeller Foundation, Forum for the Future, Meridian Institute, SecondMuse and Intention 2 Impact

Issue area:

Food Systems, Sustainability, Hunger and Nutrition, Education and Leadership, Environmental and Agricultural Innovation, Local Economics and Empowerment 


Creative Strategy, Editorial Design, Infographics Design

Sustainable Development goals:



The Food Systems Game Changers Lab is a global program with a goal of collaboratively building a better food future. The program brings together community game changers from every part of the world who have the ideas, initiatives, and innovations that can bring positive change to global food systems. These participants are a diverse collective of farmers, organizers, leaders, thinkers, and more. The lab is part of a global effort to push food systems change forward to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 


The goal of this high-profile, public facing report was to communicate the ideas of the 24 cohorts involved in the FSGCL to potential partners at the UN Food Systems Summit and beyond. It was therefore imperative that these game changers’ 12 weeks of rigorous thinking and collaboration be compiled into a visually engaging compendium that spoke to the hearts and minds of readers. Ayouni was brought on to take on this massive quest and bring to life the lively and informative report that the project culminated with.


The FSGCL report was not only very high profile with many prominent organizations involved in its making and on the radar of global players, but needed to be completed in a mere 10 days between the end of the program and the impending UN Food Systems Summit. 


The combination of an extremely quick turnaround and the very high stakes made the FSGCL lab a beast of a mission, but one that Ayouni pulled together gracefully and with much success through meticulous planning and execution. 

The program, (which took place over 12 weeks), gathered over 850 game changers from 127 countries into 24 issue-area specific cohorts led by expert guidance and counseling to come up with food systems solutions in support of the UN Food Systems Summit.


The crux of the design for the FSCGL report was visually translating syntheses of each cohorts’ “Action Agendas” (descriptive report of their proposed solutions) which could not begin until the cohorts themselves submitted their solutions. In order to be in a position ready to handle the sudden efflux of content and the 10-day turnaround time – we began by working with Intention 2 Impact, the research and evaluation firm responsible for synthesizing the Action Agendas, on establishing outlines that the cohorts could follow in delivering their final agendas. 


The rigorous process of preparation Ayouni carried out in collaboration with partners ensured early alignment with all parties on vision, style, layout, and information visualization strategy. This early alignment and preparation meant that when the Action Agendas came pouring in, we were prepared and ready to work hard on translating each and every section into a visual layout that accurately and effectively communicated the proposed solutions in a way that the cohorts and the organizers could all get behind. 


The project resulted in a massive but vibrant 200+ page PDF report (and later split into 24 individual PDF reports for each cohort) that launched right in time for the UN Food Systems Summit. It was disseminated widely at the summit and was featured across media outlets. The report received an outpour of tremendously positive feedback and was ultimately deemed an outstanding success, particularly because of its ambitious but timely execution. Because of the report, the participants of the FSGCL were able to bring their ideas to an influential international audience and push global progress on food system reform forward. 

“I highly recommend working with Ayouni! I was looking for a designer that really understands the intersection of design and social impact. Hagar is effective in communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences. Her work is responsive, adaptive, and innovative.”

Dr. Nina Sabarre, Founder & CEO – Intention 2 Impact

The covers’ focus on subjects represents the diversity of faces that make up the global food system. 


Inspired by the FSGCL branding involving a gradient color spectrum, the colors of the sections gradually transition through the color spectrum.

The report was designed to work as both double-page and single-page display for flexible use.

The report was designed to work as both double-page and single-page display for flexible use.

To effectively communicate the action agendas, a visually dynamic and content sensitive “Impact” section was designed for each cohort to visually demonstrate the short term, medium term, and long term impact of the proposed solutions.

Beyond the 24 Action Agendas, the report also included vibrant infographics outlining the design, model, and process for the lab.

Beyond the 24 Action Agendas, the report also included vibrant infographics outlining the design, model, and process for the lab.

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