2023 Elevate Prize Winner Media Kit

Social media campaign and Media kit announcing winners


The Elevate Prize Foundation

Issue area:

Social Innovation


Campaign Identity Design, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video Editing

Sustainable Development goals:



The Elevate Prize Foundation, founded by Joseph Deitch in 2019, is a global non-profit that empowers social entrepreneurs and activists by providing them with the resources they need to amplify their impact. Awarded annually, the Elevate Prize recognizes social impact leaders driving transformative change around the world. It’s designed to maximize their impact, champion their organization, and to Make Good Famous – shifting culture to create a world where more people are inspired to take action. Ten social entrepreneurs are selected annually for their impact and leadership with $300,000 minimum in unrestricted funding, as well as leadership development services, mentorship, and capacity-building opportunities to help increase recognition and grow impact. 


The Elevate Prize Foundation teamed up with Ayouni to design the media kit for the announcement of their not ten but twelve 2023 Elevate Prize winners addressing social and environmental issues ranging from road safety, education, refugee rights, and economic empowerment to water quality, entertainment, and tech literacy. 


The media kit for the Elevate Prize 2023 winners announcement included static and motion graphic teasers, static and motion social media posts for each of the winners, a motion graphic Instagram video presenting all the winners, an email banner, and cover graphics all using the same custom visual identity designed for the announcement materials.


The announcement of the Elevate Prize winners is the biggest announcement of the year for The Elevate Prize Foundation, garnering a ton of media and public attention. For a successful announcement, The Elevate Prize Foundation needed a visual identity for the announcement campaign that was in line with their organization’s branding, yet distinct enough to differentiate and bring attention to the announcement materials and content. They also needed a variety of materials, content, and outputs for their own announcements on all platforms, and materials that the winners and the press could use for their own announcement posts. 

The design system for the winners announcement used Elevate Prize Foundation’s brand guidelines as a starting point, while leaning on specific visual treatments and styles to distinguish the announcement content from other Elevate Prize content. The use of duotone yellows and greens, dynamic transitions, and powerful imagery was attention grabbing and powerful, communicating the global impact of the Elevate Prize.

Individual static and motion graphics were created for each of the recipients. These graphics were shared on social media, and provided to the recipients as part of a media kit so they can share the news with their networks too. 

A variety of static and motion graphics including Instagram reels, email banners, and PDF sheets were created to spread the word about the winners on every channel. 

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