Global Justice Center 2022 Annual Report & Social Graphics


Global Justice Center

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Gender Equality, Sexual & Reproductive Rights


Creative Strategy, Editorial Design, Graphic Design

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The Global Justice Center (GJC) is an international human rights organization made up of lawyers and advocates advancing gender equality and human rights everywhere. GJC works towards building a global rule of law grounded on enforceable law guarantees using feminist and progressive interpretation and application of international law. They fight for sexual and reproductive rights, protection against gender based violence, and feminist advocacy within multilateral institutions. Their method for change involves innovative legal analysis, strategic advocacy, and collaborative partnerships with peer and grassroots organizations. 


GJC returned to partner with Ayouni on the design of their 2022 annual report and supporting social graphics (see the 2021 Annual Report here). The report needed to feel hopeful despite the unfortunate setbacks that we experienced in 2022 (mainly the overturning of Roe v Wade), celebratory considering it is GJC’s 15th anniversary, and serious as the report is meant to attract new donors. While GJC began enacting its new strategic framework in 2022 that takes a more bold approach, this report was meant for a more serious audience that gravitate towards more professional and clean spreads and design over flashy and playful designs.


In 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned which had a huge impact on GJC’s work. Mass atrocities persisted in Myanmar, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine completely disregarded international law. The GJC, through this report, wanted to communicate to the audience that despite this major setback in reproductive rights history and these human rights crises – they have hope and a plan, but need support. The report needed to give readers a sense of confidence in GJC as an organization, and highlight the positive impact they have made despite the challenges. And ultimately, the report needed to inspire donors to support the organization. 

“It is a bliss to work with Hagar. She is very creative, responsive, and applies feedback very well. I recommend Ayouni to my fellow nonprofit colleagues.”
Benil Mostafa, Development Manager – Global Justice Center

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